Pokemon BF - Round One Picture

I bet money I'll get my arse kicked Round 2 *laughs*

I had to do this- really. I was a pokemon fan in primary school - watched the show, bought the soundtracks/movies/books... the marbles - and yes, played the games- Still do XD
This rules for this competition (can be found: [link]) are rapidly evolving- and I've probably mis-read something and stuffed this up. But it was still a lot of fun!

I've always wanted to do something like this!


Vron is a very easy-going trainer - Slow and steady.
She spends way too much time training her pokemon in patches of grass, and makes sure each of her pokemon get a good deal of attention.
She doesn't believe in using a Pokedex - she believes catching pokemon, only to store them away, isn't the way to become a master pokemon trainer- and keeps only a limited number of pokemon.

Basic Medical Items (Hyper Potions, Full Heals, Full Restores, Parlyz Heals, Ethers, Elixers, Antidotes, Max Revives....). Zinc. Protein... A Blue Flute and a Yellow Flute... Umm... a PokeNav. A complete set of Johto Badges... Alto Saxophone/Music. Poke-Ipod. Sketch book... etc.


Pokemon Team

Name: Splash (I don’t have the heart to change his name now… I’ve had him for years!)
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Item: Mystic Water
Feraligatr - or Totodile back then - was given to Vron when she turned 15; by her father. Feraligatr grew to like Vron with time, growing to appreciate her stern training - which helped him become the pokemon he is today. Now, he is strong and competent - and is one of Vron's most loyal companions to this day... (Fact XD)

Name: Gael
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronise
Item: Twisted Spoon
Gardivoir is the baby of Vron's team- but has been rapidly trained up to this point. She is very calm minded and gets along with most other pokemon.

Name: Cy
Gender: Male
Ability: PickUp
Item: Soothe Bell
Meowth is blind in one eye- and was considered too feral to be trained. But Vron didn't give up on him; and now he is one of her strongest pokemon. Meowth refuses to go into his pokeball- so hitches rides on Vron's back when they travel. As a result, his original wild tendencies have all but dissipated. Overall, he is a strong, well trained pokemon.

Name: Fenrir (Norse Mythology-… not Harry Potter… DX)
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Quick Claw
Mightyena has been with Vron's team for some time now. When moving to Hoenn, she captured him and used him as a starter pokemon for that region (Fact). He is well-natured pokemon, but cannot be civil in Meowth's presence.

Name: Amadeus
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Poison Barb
Arbok has been with Vron's team for almost as long as Feraligatr and Dragonair. He is a very strong and calm pokemon, and enjoys sunning on cool days. He can be very lazy pokemon if Vron lets him.

Name: Hydra
Gender: Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Item: Dragon Fang
Dragonair was the first pokemon Vron caught- after venturing in Blackthorn's "Dragon's Den". While she loves the dragon very much, Vron hasn't trained Dragonair as hard as her other pokemon. Nonetheless, Dragonair is a kind pokemon, and mother-hens Vron's other pokemon.


Awesome. That was fun!
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