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This is my submission to auroreblackcat's Fanart Contest (Pirates & BJD). We were supposed to take her dolls and make fanart based on Pirates in the 18th Century.


I researched lore, mythology, etc, amongst many other things and since auroreblackcat wasn't specific to the character's background, I found a few things that I thought would be perfect. Here is the little story I've come about for the artwork...


Calypso, daughter of Atlas, Goddess of Silence, the lone sea nymph...She grew tired of her games of luring men away from their tasks at hand only to see them run astray upon the waters. She wanted something more. She yearned for it, wanted to extend her reach past the water's shores and borders. The nymph swam to the depths and plucked a portion of the palest pink coral and brought it to her lips. A kiss of life and a breath of passage breathed through the gaping holes.

As it began to grow, Calypso removed a ring which lay upon a finger and entwined it upon the thinnest branch of the budding coral and whispered to it sweetly, venom dripping from her words,

"Walk upon the land for me, bring about the pain of the sea. Capture souls of sojourns untold, becoming crystalline gems of old. Once the gilded cage is encrusted - mine breast shall breath the air of the accursed.".

Waves of time carried the coral adrift and it grew and deformed and became that of the form of a woman whose hair was as pink as the coral she was born from. Upon her arm the gilded cage remained and her first steps upon forbidden shores began. As she walked, her coral-pink hair was lit afire from the morning sun...Take heed ye of the sea, take heed...

Red sun at morning, sailors take warning.


openCanvas 4.5e Plus ~ Wacom ArtZ II Tablet
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