Sunfather GALDRA lore Picture

Galdra project Mythology:

A lot of Elvish races (even though not all of them are related), share similar "Gods".
The "Sunfather" (translated from Light- and Blackelf writings) is a mighty being, able to create and destroy, though it is not the mightiest in Elfish lore. The Sunfather has the ability to shapeshift. While most of his body will change, his expressionless face and black, elongated neck won't. The "Sunfather" refers to himself as "We" - hinting to a split personality. He is described as curious, always walking amongst the races to learn, also it is said that he is neither good nor evil and will, as already said above, create and destroy.

After the Blackelf revolution a elite force was trained in their military ranks. Their helmets and masks resemble the Sunfather's appearence.
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