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This is my submission to Kiki Raina's art publication and the theme is Polynesia. Its inspired by the mythology I read about for the different islands and their stories and gods are generally represented with objects that are attributed to the pacific islands. The myths and figures I used were tiki lono a music god (ukelele), creation god ta'aroa (his tears created the oceans), tangaroa god of the sea( depicted with one of my dance instructors), fire goddess mahuika (my main dance instructor), maui restrains the sun, fire knife, dance and ti leaves. I also searched some tattoo patterns. I didn't have any preference to which islands i used, i picked the ones that I could weave together cuz i wanted them to flow from one part to the next. Used a bunch of different reference pics and imagination.

****criticism strongly encouraged****
-apparently my sister thought the female dancer's (aka my dance teacher) waist looked too small but i meant it to be that her hair was being blown around her. what do u think?
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