Welcome to HELL Picture

Oooohkaaaay, this one needs lots of explainin'.

Ever since like, Thursday evening, I've had a terrible stomach flu. I got to stay home on Friday, to which I was all like "GOODY! I can catch up on photoshop work!"

To my despair I found I couldn't concentrate on something very, you knoworganized...well, I just couldn't concentrate. So, rather than ruin the GOOD photoshopped stuff, I made a brand-new file, because regardless I needed to do something with my tablet--even if I was in bed for enough that I was only up and about two and a half hours on Friday.

And, you know, when your sickly and poopy and such, you tend to do things that are like...insane. Such as this.
So, instead of just the shameless Reese plug in here, we have one of my FAVORITE figures in all of the mythology I've read. It's the wolf thing.

His name is Fenrir of the Norse Mythology. Why do I like him so? He grows to at least three miles long from snout to tail, totally pwns the supreme God, Odin (equivalent to Zeus) and then swallows the freakin' SUN. How could you not love him?
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