::The Light:: Picture

Lemme explain the concept behind this now.

After getting Final Fantasy XII, my sister and I were discussing the espers (aka revamped summonings). I thought about how I missed the old ones: they were taken from different mythologies and tweaked to fit the needs of the developers. So I decided that I would make my own design! It went from just a daydream to a pretty good looking piece of work.

This one in particular is named "Amaterasu". She is the Japanese personification of the sun, and I've always loved the myth of her staying in a cave until lured out with a well-placed mirror and laughter. To summon her, the dark summon/god dude would first need to be called up--only then would she come to help the person in question. More on the Dark later.....

In my thinking, she personifies sunlight (and light in general), so I colored her in the awesome colors of the sunrises and sunsets we have here in Florida.
I did most of this in coloured pencils, then I amplified the colors on the computer.
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