Grandmother Spider Picture

I love Native American art, with its simple yet complex geometry and rich colors. Lately, I've been researching the mythology and this lovely lady, Grandmother Spider, has shown up a number of times. She saved the people from the great floods, stole the sun from the underworld, and made the stars by collecting dew in her web. In her darker moments, she tried to cut off Coyote's testicles to get him out of her house. Fun gal. She's primarily a Navajo goddess/spirit, and there are spots all over Arizona and Utah that she supposedly made or visited. In more recent times, she's going to appear in my Western Oddyssey for Curtis, and I wanted to see her in her full goddess glory. Since she's the queen of spiders, I gave her eight limbs, color schemes from the black widow, tarantula, and brown recluse, and if you look closely, eight eyes (well, 4 are visible). She's a grandmother, but given her vampish nature, I had to give her some sex appeal. Maybe I'll make more god/goddess pictures of the Indian gods.
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