Thanks 500 Picture

Two part celebration:

I'm about to hit 500 pageviews. Thank you all!
And Okami is coming for the Wii. Woo!

Not happy about a few things on it, I may go back and fix them. But I've been working on it all day, I'm tired, and I'll probably hit 500 sometime this evening while I'm gone. So here it is just a little early.
The wolf is Amaterasu from the video game Okami. She's from Shinto mythology, a sun goddess. In game, she uses the 13 techniques of the celestial brush to alter the fabric of reality and kill really big nasty monsters. Fun all around. ^_^

If you haven't played Okami, I highly recommend it!

If you're wondering about the lack of detail on the background, it's actually deliberate. One, to try and capture the cell-shaded feel of the game. Two, to make Ammy look like she's "popping" off the screen and about to leap out of the image. Let me know if it worked, or it just looks bad.
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