Drell / Thrall Picture

"Drell" is a term for slave in the ancient Latvian society. Though usually "drell" is used in the Livonian times (starting from 13th centry) I believe it was used before as well.
Drells were usually acquired by fighting enemies and taking their women and children as a prize. It was dangerous to take physically strong men since they could cause trouble is left unattended, though sometimes men with special abilities were taken, like soothsayers for example. Children could be adopted and raised as warriors and women could be used as well (I suppose I don't have to explain). All were used for labor as well. Though in some cases it was not so bad - drells were property so they could not be touched (or damaged) and if you could prove your worth and your master was not a complete asshole, you'd do quite alright. Sometimes good drells could be set free after the death of their master.
In the Curonian society drells were usually of Scandinavian origin (and in Scandinavia there was probably a number of Latvian thralls as well). This woman ('Ive already named her Sigrid in my mind) is from Scandinavia as well and has a bit of a character too, therefore has had to endure some beating. But if anything the situation she's in has only made her stronger. I looked up examples of ancient Scandinavian clothing, since nobody would really care to give her some new "Latvian" clothing, so her clothes are quite worn. There is no jewelry as well except for the necklace of ambers (or rocks?) she could have made herself or been given by her master during a flash of drunken kindness. The little sack contains some keepsake that was not worth enough to be taken away.
As her sign I chose the Tree of Austra which could be appealing to a foreigner from Scandinavia since it is very similar to their Yggdrasil.
Tree of Austra represents the concept of world - the roots - the underworld, the trunk - the world we live in and the branches and leaves - the realm of sky. It also displays the flow of time by depicting the movement of sun and the change of generations - our ancestors, us and our future children. It allows to connect with ones own roots, to remember the past - the lost home in this case and turn the glance to the future. It grants strength and advice. There are very different kinds of Trees of Austra, but they are all constructed using the signs of sky - Sun, Moon and Stars and the sign of Māra - symbol of the material world.

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