Forest study Acrylics Picture

The second study I made out in the forest by my place, I actually walked for like 40 minutes straight out in the forest to find this spot.
When I found it I thought it looked like it was just placed there for me to paint. It was perfect.

I worked on this outside in the cold (it started snowing the day after I painted this, it was december), with my acrylics, for 3-4 hours straight. My hands hurted so much after that... Oh, cold, beautiful Sweden...

But this one really turned out nice. It was a sunny day and the sun were shining through the trees sooo perfectly! I finished it at school, took me 3 whole days to finish this, with all those details and stuff. Boring, but pretty!

Hope you'll enjoy! (ू•ᴗ•ू♡)

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