One of a Kind Picture

It happened long, long before. Before Everything; before order, before magic, before even time as we know it now. It happened when the Earth was not yet fully formed, when Elements ravaged the Land, and Gods walked among us all. It all happened when Neture was yet untamed; when Sun and Moon rose and fell as they pleased, when Nature grew without help or care. Long, long before wisdom of Starswirl the Bearded, before wisdom of Clover the Clever, before reign of Celestia and Luna; so long ago that even Discord and Tirek don't remember of those times. When Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns alike shivered in lack of their knowledge, fearing all that they didn't know.

In the time where Alicorns, Avatars of Gods, walked the Earth as they pleased. (It was time before Magic was in order; before anyone had even heard of such thing as a Cutie Mark.)

She came from the farthest North, born from love of Boreas, the Northern Wind and Aurora, the Northern Light. Her name, she said, was Frigg, the Lady of Snow. Wherever she went, she was both feared and worshiped by Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies alike; bringing the cold whiteness, having fearsome Windigos on her call. That brought her to hiding her wings under a cape weaved from flowers that bloom during winter. It was weaved for her by Gaea, the Great Mother of all Deities that loved her children greatly. With that enchanted cape that also provided protection from warmth, dangerous for Frigg, she traveled the world as a Unicorn, and learned.

Nobody knows how he came into existence; a hybrid, an outcast, a Demon. Some say that he was born from the Darkness and Fire, an Abomination. He was hated, and feared; but he also was not, always finding peace under wings of the Lady of Snow. She had found him, and gave him a name; Loki, given his mischievous but harmless, and happy, nature. She took him in as her own child.

Nobody knows where they went; where did Lady of Snow go, or Loki, or every other Deity. They just vanished, one day, before Starswirl, before Clover, before Alicorns became Special; before Order came. It all did come, after all, because they vanished. Some say they never were real, just stories to explain how the World came to be. Some others say they went back to where they came; to the Land beyond the Sky, where only Deities and Demigods are allowed. Some think they still reside on Earth, hidden within their Elements. And that they will come back, to bring their rule again, and free the World from grasp of Ponies.

Some say that they are coming back from time to time; and when they do, during the Solstice, Heavens split.


This is heavy AU, if you haven't noticed that yet.

I had idea for those two for so long, and managed to draw them only now. Well, that's basically how I explain the lore of MLP to myself; that long, long time ago (seriously, very long ago) their world worked pretty much like world of Greek/Roman/any other stuff that works like that mythology, where there were gods (alicorns) of practically anything, and they did what they pleased. That's also how Celestia and Luna basically came to be; they're Demigods, children of either other Demigods or a regular pony and one of very last remaining Alicorn-deities. And, since we all know because mythology, there is way for regular others (who may happen to have that 1/1000000000000000 of god in them) into godhood, as with Cadance and Twilight.

Draconequii were most likely accounted into the Demigod section and most of them left along with Deities into their LaLaLand (LaLaLand where about 75% of population are Alicorn-Gods or Alicorn-ish Hybrids! Rest is Demons or Draconequii. Or whatever else that's magically talented and quite unusual.), thus there's basically just Discord left.

(In the story that I may never write, a sequel to one where Loki and Frigg meet and adventured, which would be settled in modern MLP world, Loki comes back to Earth with some draconequii buds to see how much ponies fucked the world his adoptive mother worked her hooves off to help create. And [SPOILER] won't be very pleased with how it looks. Also, spoiler again, he grows up to be quite handsome Demon of Mischef.)
Frigg isn't very tall, really; she's something between Twilight and Cadance, while Loki is going to be bigger than Celestia once he grows up.

I used original poses form the show.
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