Bur's sons Picture

Then Bur's sons lifted
the level land,
Mithgarth the mighty
there they made;
The sun from the south
warmed the stones of earth,
And green was the ground
with growing leeks.

Før Burs sønner løftet
landene opp,
de som mektige
Midgård skapte;
sol falt sørfra
på salens steiner,
da ble grunnen dekt
av grønne lauken.

Oh who am I to ever let the opportunity to paint some fat masked gods slip away from me.

I painted this at school but it seems I left my brains back home so I messed up.

Odin and his brothers Vilje and Ve (or Lodur and Høne as they are called in Voluspå, I swear these gods had like a billion different names and it confuses the hell out of me) creating the visible world from Ymir's corpse. Vilje is tossing Ymir's brains into the sky and they become the clouds. Talk about airhead haha. :I

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