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I want to say this OC and art is old, like 2years old,I'm just uploading it now!!
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My TF OC ColdHeat Bio.

"If you combine
both heat and cold in their highest degrees ,
you won’t feel a thing."

Themesong(s): Whipping Boy - We Don't Need Nobody Else,

Name: Coldheat
Nickname(s): CH
Origin of name: Cold (he’s cold to others and one of his canon can cool down/destroy things). Heat (He’s often found in heat of a battle and one of his canon can be very, very, very hot)
Original name: ????
Name(s)/ title: When he was a deception he was call under the names: “Fusion Killer” or “Early thunder maker”. (Coldheat: The fusion killer)
Gender: Mech / Male.
Age: Adult. [ human age: 27 ]
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Faction: Autobot
Function: Soldier/ Guardian
Weapon(s): Cannons: one hydrogen cannon (cold) and one a sun's core cannon (heat)
(he also has two glaives sword(which’s loaded with energon) , but he rarely use it.)
Weapon(s) function(s): Canons: The cold canon;
The warm/hot canon;
When he uses them together and he blasts his canons away, small pressure of air emerge between the both canons beams and thunder appears.
Alt. Mode(one earth, today): Cadillac Eldorado -59.
Alt, Mode before (on Cybertron). When he was a deception he was a huge battle ship.
Optics: Blue
Paint job: Chameleon, Mystic autumn.
Build: It says he was created under a mad and powerful deception under a secret lab.
Likes: Quiet days, researching, to be alone, slowdown music,
Dislikes: Being boss around, being annoyed and bothered, betrayal, broken promises, noise, absolute hate too much noise (except in battles)
Hobbies: Researching about Cybertronian mythology.
Fave quote: “The great Primus wouldn’t like that….”

♦ When it get too nosy on quiet days, he just takes off and walks away to a quiet place.
♦ He though to take the most dangerous missions available and ends them fine.
♦ He biggest interest is Cybertronian mythology, just to trying to find out about why he’s functional. (again)

Despite his coldness, he's very smart, unfazed by tricky situations and plays it cool. Excellent hand-to-hand warrior and a sharpshooter, has a great physical strength and intelligence. His vehicle mode are equipped with four small canons , which blasts away cold and warm beams.

- gets bored easily
- doubts about his allegiance
- Easily gets hurt(feelings)
- He’s overprotective, if he feels someone may be hurt or similar he stalks them in the shadows until he knows they’re safe. He feels it’s his job to protect everyone and he blame him self for an allegiance death.
-He’s usually by himself, so he’s not “part of the group”.

Despite his size, he can be very sneaky, quiet and fast, many have been wondering if he really was a ninja bot before he became a warrior. Even though he's a fighter and battles are the only things he knows about, he does also know a little bit of basic "first-aid". He knows how to fix small "injuries" and such.

Bondmate: None.
Sparklings: None.
He’s not that kind of a “friend guy”, he’s just not that good at it. Even though he’s really cold to others he’s really respectful, the other autobots do really respect him, because you don’t want him for an enemy, and because he’s very scary.
Optimus prime: Even if Coldheat will never admit it he really does respect Optimus very much. He’s the only bot he “listens” to.

Even if he’s a big and a great warrior he still’s very emotional, but he never shows it. He’s also not that kind of a bot that likes to take orders, even if it’s from a prime.
Coldheat dedication to logic and reason make him an excellent strategist.
To others he's cold, emotionless and seems like he doesn't care about anyone or anything. He's very silent and only speaks when he really has to. Like if someone asks him a question and really wants an answer.
And when he does open his mouth, he tends to speak only in short sentences. He's a bot of few words and doesn't like to talk much.
Coldheat is loyal to his superiors and dear ones (mostly to primes). He will do pretty much anything to complete his missions and orders 100%. And he takes his job and life as a Autobot very seriously. (he thinks he got a second chance.)
He’s a very religious bot, he believes in Primus very much.

Background story:
Once he was one of the greatest Decepticon solider on Cybertron. Second most powerful.
The decepticons thought that he was too strong for a deception, as they where afraid of him.
During the Great War, he was betrayed by his own comrades and they unmerciful killed him. His body was shattered into pieces and the deceptions gather his remaining and got rid of the pieces and launched them away to the great universe. After a X years he became functional again. As he was awoken again with life, he heard a great voice in his processor that he would switch to the autobots, it did made make sense to him, as he before got betrayed by the decepticons.
He believes it was the Primus voice and his power how gave him life, but he’s not sure. Even today he don’t know why he became functional again and how .
He returned to Cybertron there he found out that the autobots had fled onto earth, he joined them and started fight against Megatron and his decepticons.
Coldheat has no idea who his creators are and he doesn’t particularly care to know. From what he knows Coldheat was created under a mad and powerful deception under a secret lab and he was only created to be the decepticons ultimate weapon and hidden until he was needed to the war. The decepticons thought that he would make the score even or even helped the decepticons to win. But later on they found out that he didn’t do what he was told, and he was to powerful to take on. The decepticons came up with plan and they pulled out a sneak attack and murdered him. And the autobots believed that they had defeated Coldheat or he had an error, they never really thought on why Coldheat had just vanished, but they where glad he didn’t was in the war again. .

He took the religious way when he for the second time in his life became functional and started to believe in Primus. That’s the only logical reason, that the great Primus put together his pieces and gave him life again.
He now despise the decepticons, but the decepticons they self don’t remember him. Coldheat believes that’s the work of Primus.
When Coldheat first arrived to earth to join the autobots they first despise him.

Before re-birth/ deception-time:
Starscream: He’s that kind of a deception that you absolutely don’t want to pick a fight with. He’s really powerful, maybe even more powerful than our great leader, but not as great as I am.
We all don’t know how he even came to join us, we only know that he showed up one day and he asked if he was qualified to join us. Of course he was, I mean he was huge , powerful and a skilled deception , …maybe almost too skilled……….

Optimus Prime: He may be a former deception, but he is certainly not one now. He’s a great warrior, but he doesn’t speak much, which can be a little disturbing sometimes.
He likes to be a alone, but sometimes he can be too busy with himself.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Endurance: 10
Speed: 8
Courage: 10
Willpower: 10
Firepower: 10
Skill: 10

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