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dis be me. Lots of people I see are making beachsonas so I wanted to give it a go. Aside from some other drawing somewhere on my account, this is the closest character that resembles me. I even own something similar to the swim trunks and the sandals in the pic but there are tints of white on both of them. I wished I owned that swim shirt tho. The hairstyle is what I want, and I do have some weird ass fucking natural highlights in my hair but they don't appear like that rl. They're really hard to see lol. But honestly, part of why I love steven universe so much is because how similar it is to Ocean City. I've been there every summer of my life and I'm pretty familiar with the area as well. My family really does own a little apartment condo thing in Ocean City and all these references in steven universe to the real things I've seen in rl is so cool.

Name: Claire
Age: 21
Gender: Agender (They/Them)
Sexuality: Questioning/Polyromantic/Asexual
Birthday: July 18th 1995
Height: 5'6"
Likes: seafood (especially crabs), boogie boarding, swimming in the ocean, mermaids, night time
Dislikes: spicy food, mountainous areas, the fucking sun, working out
Info: Claire's family has a small beachside house in Beach City, so they and their family visit there every summer. Their family lives on the outskirts of Charm City and still lives with them. They are very involved in theatre and has worked with Jamie on some beach city productions. They hope to star in some major productions on broadway or Hollywood one day. They work a part time job is a waiter at the local crab shack in the summer and owns a mermaid tail that they occasionally wear on the boardwalk as a performance act for quick money. Now that Claire has gotten older, they spend their entire summer in Beach City unless they travel to charm city to Delmarvacon.
Personality: Claire sucks at holding conversations but is a really good listener. They can be overprotective of friends if they see a bad situation arising and will defend them with their life. Really loud noises bother them such as sirens and will cover their ears if necessary. They are also very sensitive to touch which may be linked to why they hate spicy food. Despite having a part time job and performing on the boardwalk, they would much rather spend their time at home watching various animes, reading mangas or just browsing the internet for the fun of it. They can also be very motherly to the point of being annoying.
Hobbies/Interests: Scary stories, horror movies, mythologies from various countries such as mermaid myths or greek mythology, acting/theatre, cosplay, anime/manga, drawing

Themes: I don't really have a theme for myself but you can check out my playlist here

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the crab on the blue shirt came from here, the mermaid silhouette came from here and the palm trees on the bottom came from here
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