Star Sky. Picture

Update 13/03/2016: Changed the colors of the rocks and made the two ravens smaller. If you take away the background then the character looks like he's lying on the ground viewed from top, kinda, what a fail x) Too late to fix this x)

Download to full-view, as per usual.

So yeah, I've been back to Northern Ireland for 3 weeks now and have been busy as hell between my full time volunteering, finding a job, fixing my car in order to get a MOT, working at the Pumpkin Fest over here, fighting with Mr.englishFisherManwhatthehell( though it's good crack this guy is going to be the death of me), getting information for a new bank, national number, blahblahblah. Seems like I'm never going to see the end of it, I'm just glad The Team is here to help me, those guys are wonderful <3 I really enjoy it here
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