BeyBurst FOC | Taiyou Tasogaregin Picture

I did it. I caved in and made myself not one, but two BeyBurst OC's. Taiyou (this guy) and Tsuki (his twin brother)

Taiyou Tasogaregin
("Taiyou" means solar or sun; "Tasogare" means dusk/twilight/dawn (which is supposed to represent the sun and the moon being in the sky the same time, and as a nod to his brother; "gin" means silver, which is an accent color to his and his brother's outfits.)

Nickname(s): Tai (by Valt, Tokonatsu and Nika)
The Beast Blader (an alias created by rumours, courtesy of classmates and other scholars.)
Prank King™ (he only refers to himself as that lmao)

Age: 16

DOB: August 1st

Ethnicity: Hungarian


Nationality: Japanese

Sexuality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Personality: Extremely loud and outgoing; he loves to be noticed in any way possible, whether it be good or bad. Mischievous and often pulls pranks on others. He has a strong sense for justice and tends to think with his heart, and not his head, which can lead to many tight situations. Often described as "Annoying" by most and "obnoxious" by many others, due to his "out there" personality.

Theme Song: Ode To Sleep by Twenty One Pilots

( From Norse Mythology: Sköll and Hati are the sons on Fenrir, and are wolves who chase Árvakr and Alsviðr, the horses that pull the sun (Sól or Sunna) and moon (Máni,) across the sky every single day, attempting to devour their precious prey. At the time when Ragnarok (an eclipse) comes, they can kill the two horses.)

Beyblade Type: Attack

Beyblade Soul Appearance: An orange, brown and white african wild dog; with an antelope skull on it's head, decorated with leaves, beads and feathers. On the forehead of the skull, is a golden sun, much like the one around Taiyou'd belt. Around the neck is a faded red shawl, with bones and beads handing off of strings.

(I chose to have an african wild dog, due to me already having two wolf bey spirits for other FOC's. I just wanted some variety, because Hati is also a wolf, and the thought of having for wolf spirits for my bladers is very boring and repetitive. I wanted to change some things up and add new variety to my FOC's. Hati was also changed from a wolf, to a fox.)

Special Moves: N/A (thinking about one named Hunting Flare but idk what it'd be)

Likes: classic grunge aesthetic™, tattoos, western pop culture, kids (he loves babysitting and he finds it his goal to become the best babysitter in the world,) monochrome colors paired up with obscenely bright colors, fire (and s'mores too,) music (preferably alternative, rock, and very rarely rap. ANd some older pop songs every now and then, but shhh, he doesn't want anyone to know,) cryptozoology, and of course, pulling pranks... oh, and being the older one between him and his twin, Tsuki.

Dislikes: People who watch, but dont say anything (he finds it extremely creepy,) aliens (he can handle ghosts, poltergeists, hell, even demons, but aliens? nah man, he's out of there. Goodbye.) People who can't seem to take jokes and have visibly no sense of humour, country music (forget dislike, he hates it. He finds it repetitive and boring.) People who bully others to get an item are also quite high on his pet peeve list, very high, and because of this he got himself injured many times attempting to retrieve the item.

Hobbies/Interests: Besides beyblade of course, he adores looking at pictures of things from the west. (He claims his favorite city is New York, because of the "torch lady," as he puts it. (He knows it's called the Statue of Liberty but "torch lady" is more fun.) He loves skateboarding to places, and pefers it to driving (he has a liscened but finds driving boring. His aunt has the car almost always anyways.) He loves to read about anything and everything, especially cryptozoology. He also draws a lot, hoping to become a tattoo artist like his Aunt. Annoying his brother is another hobby.


  • Tends to call people shorter than him (even if it's like an inch) "Shortie."

  • If someone is short enough, chances are that they're stuck being an arm rest. Forever.

  • Under the headphones, his ears are pierced maybe about 2-3 times. No one (besides Tsuki of course) knows the exact amount of piecings this boy has on his ears, he takes his headphones off once in a blue moon, and for very, very short intervals.

  • Yes, thats an actual tattoo on his arm, curtesy of his aunt he lives with; who works as a professonal tattoo artist. He got it for his 16th birthday.

  • Similar to the location and positioning of the sun on the front of his belt, on the backside of him is his launcher

History: not now I'm tired

Continue Reading: Sun