Kintiadi Rin (Three Seasons) Picture

A very conculture specific piece this time.

The three seasons in the Shela year are the rainy season, "winter" (though not a very cold one) and summer. Shela mythology has the wandering god Eranesta switching mounts at the change of season. The seasons are being used as a metaphor here.

The Shela don't have graves. Instead, there is something called a kasa keon: a rope or ribbon tied with charms and bright colours and hung from tree. It's not meant to be a permanent object, as it is believed grief shouldn't last forever. While yellow is the colour of funerals, a kasa keon is decorated in colours that have some link to the person in life.

Vifi vinay i'iee ksefa uhn
Lena k'viv i ketked sree
Kanime northa ty aara shen
Sa, lenaki wen pretnee
Kasa tia a chinta
Kandaar hara tes'hen i'iee

Rando raa a e kypa ay
Ty aaraska liasta
Srel vin sepa kin rila mee
Nasa skila i'iee raa a
Kasa tia a hy
Win a jenu mi'iaska

Kandaar kysu isana i'iee
Pretnee ikeia e miska
Aara ama tabechi tel
Raanu asa siviha
Kasa tia a iirri
Ay a, kata davina

Such a clear sight under the lightning
Wearing a yellow cloak in the rain
Beyond the thunder is a dark sky
Oh, it hides the sun
The ribbon in the wind is vivid
The grey clouds are so deep

The hooves on the ground rest again
There is clear sky at last
The gold of the grass and the deep red berries
Such swollen nuts on the ground
The ribbon in the wind is faded
The leaves shine in the dew

The withered clouds are so dry
The hot sun shines
The warm sky is always still
The pale brown soil is peaceful
The ribbon the wind is torn
Once more, the heart is calm

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