Introducing: Apollo - Shooter from Afar Picture

Introducing the main character to my upcoming comic: Apollo and I. While I haven't decided on the other main character, who I have a basic idea on, but have no name decided yet, Apollo was one that I was sure about. Of course, I had a ton of help from the Greek Mythologies, and other novels pertaining to the Greek Myths, so kudos to them. But let it be noted that this is in no way affiliated to Rick Riordan's new novel: Trials of Apollo, which follows the same idea as my original project.

* Note: MC means main character

The basic plot is: M/C never expected returning from a study session to see an admittedly hot guy fall from the sky, and unceremoniously into a dumpster. In a act of kindness, and concern, she approaches the male, only to find him suddenly ranting against the sky, and declaring himself Apollo, the God of the Sun. But despite her best efforts to leave the delusional boy alone, M/C finds herself stuck with him for some unforeseeable reason. [ Then I can't divulge the rest bc that would spoil the plot! ]

Anyways, I'll have a proper ref for him soon. Same with the M/C!

Rendition of Apollo/Apollo & I (c) Me

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