My Polytheist Festivals Picture

I have deleted the original one of these because I have done a lot more thinking, I think I have things situated now that I have celebrated a few of the festivals; but we shall see. My apologies for any spelling mistakes.

These are the Festivals that my girlfriend, Eve (Madam-Eve), and I celebrate (or plan to). These Festivals are of myself and my girlfriend’s creation. They are only celebrated by us, as part of our home grown Devotional Polytheist tradition. It took a very long time to figure out the festivals we wanted to celebrate and this is our first run through celebrating them. I will be uploading altar photos for each Festival as we celebrate them. I will also write some information on them: their meaning, Gods to honor, correspondences, activities, and food. Because the Festivals were “created” by us later we may write out longer explanations rather than the simple information; but that wouldn’t be anytime soon. Eve and I started on Mortem 2014 and plan to go through but as time and health allow, since we have to form the holiday when it happens. We’ll keep you updated to the best of our abilities, which I do all the info and deal mental illness so it is hard.

*The Formal name is given First, then the colloquial or spoken name of the holiday is given second. Then it’s timing is below.

*Festival begin at sunrise that day and go through the night to the next sunrise, except for New Years.

*Honoring the Gods, Ritual, Offerings, and Prayer are expected activities for ALL Festivals. If they are repeated it means they hold more significance for that holiday.

*I give Runic and Astrology associations however, I love Cartomancy. It is my favorite form of symbolism and divination. For my own reference I have put the cards that I think relate in each Festival’s meaning. I currently own 8 decks. Go hear to see what I have…

For books I may use for information and inspiration please see here Religion and Related Library Please keep in mind that I have also taken university classes, read numerous books I don’t own, and watched many documentaries. Religion is my passion and my devotional polytheist path is not shut off to ideas from any religion; yes, that includes the monotheistic ones.

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