Childhood Tales Picture

This is my entry for KageusRageus point contest ^^ The theme is "The Rhapsody of my childhood" (more informations in the contest journal -> )

It really inspired me, so here is my drawing showing my wonder toward the childhood tales ^^ Some information about the drawing :
- The girl in the center is me
- At the top, the rainbow girl, the unicorn, the satyr and the pegasus are from the Fantasia Disney movie, one of my favorite movie when I was a child (and is still one of my favorite ^^). I was also amazed by the greek mythology (that is why I chose Iris and the others)
- The pirate is here because I used to play the pirate as a little girl.
- The blond girl is Rapunzel and I was amazed by her long hair in the tale.
- I added a mermaid because I used to have the nickname "little mermaid" by my mother because of my long hair when they were in the water
- I used to deguise myself as a witch at Halloween
- I played a psychotic Red Riding Hood in a small play in middle school
- The gold dress girl is Donkeyskin in the French movie by Jacques Demy with Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais, and I just loved her amazing dresses ! (especially the sun color one in the picture)

I try a new technique to draw this, using just a few layers and not the hundred layers I used to use for such a complex drawing. I am quite happy with the result (except for a few faces which look especially funny - have to practice more ><" - )

Hope you like it !
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