Personal Character Ref and Bio, Phil the naga Picture

Phil is another one of those 'incredibly old RP characters that never got a bio sheet.' So here goes.

Name: Phillip Hushman

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Naga

Occupation: College Student/Barista

Abilities: He can coil and grab things with his tail. Comes in handy when it comes to catching falling dishes.

Personality: Serious, studious, hard-working, not at all a slacker and takes pride in his job. Can also be fun-loving when he's off work however.

Likes: Movies, coffee, video games, his pet hamster, sun bathing, naps, reading and studying, Korean food, whole raw eggs.

Dislikes: Shedding (it kind of grosses him out, but it's a necessary evil), when people think he's a coldblooded monster, when people think he's a coldblooded monster and insist he EAT his precious pet hamster, doing dishes, rude customers.

Info: Phillip was born to two human parents once upon a time ago-that is, one day two humans came upon a strange, large egg in their garden and decided to incubate it to see what came out, and thus Phillip was born. Though he's unaware of who his 'real' parents are, he appreciates all that's been done for him by his human parents who loved him enough to raise him rather than sell him off to some circus once he'd hatched. He's really your typical college student (besides the scales, forked tongue, fangs and snake tail), studying to be an English Major and a little interest in mythology (hey, he has to learn where he came from SOMEHOW). Though despite his obvious reptile traits, Phil has never felt the desire to harm any smaller animals, in fact he grew up with a love of rodents such as hamsters and gerbils, and has raised one or two to ripe old age. He gets extremely annoyed when someone insists he EAT live rodents however, and while generally nonviolent, he might just punch you in the jaw if you don't get that rat out of his face.

Notes: Though lives in a setting where his kind are highly uncommon, due to him working so long at his job, most patrons are used to his appearance. He also cannot unhinge his jaw nor swallow anything larger than an egg. Any attempts to swallow anything larger and it can choke him. Dyes his hair blond. Is near-sighted, and nonvenomous.

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