Okamiden doodles Picture

You know Okami. Of course you do, even if you've never played it.
You know Okamiden? You do know, and it's Okami's sequel for the DS.
You know Amaterasu? She's the Japanese goddess of the sun and the wolf-like main character of Okami.
You know Chibiterasu. He's her son, and the one in the picture above.
You don't know cuteness until you've seen an Okamiden video showing Chibiterasu doing anything at all. It's like sugar and rainbows and fluffiness all rolled into one.

I couldn't resist drawing Chibiterasu nor a human/wolf-cub hybrid. He's just soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

I sadly don't own Okamiden. If I did, I'd have a giant chibterasu plushie to sleep with every night. Gods he's so cute...
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