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Ashur was a solar deity at the head of the Assyrian pantheon in Mesopotamian religion, worshiped mainly in the northeastern portion of the Fertile Crescent. He was commonly depicted as a warrior drawing his bow to discharge an arrow, enclosed within a circle or wheel suspended from wings.

Lamassu are Assyrian protective deities, and were typically depicted as having a human head, and the winged body of an ox or a lion. Originally household protective spirits, they later became associated as royal guardians and were placed as guardians at the entrances of homes and palaces, either as clay engravings or stone statues.

The golden circle at the center of the coat of arms represents the sun, which, by its exploding and leaping flames, generates heat and light to sustain the earth and all its living things. The four pointed star surrounding the sun symbolizes the land, its light blue color symbolizing tranquility.

The wavy stripes extending from the center to the four corners of the Assyrian Coat of Arms represent the three major rivers of the Assyrian homeland: the Tigris, the Euphrates, and the Great Zab. The lines are small at the center and become wider as they spread out from the circle. The dark blue represents the Euphrates. The red stripes, whose blood red hue stands for courage, glory and pride, represent the Tigris. The white lines in between the two great rivers symbolizes the Great Zab; its white color stands for tranquility and peace. Some interpret the red, white and blue stripes as the highways that will take the scattered Assyrians back to their ancestral homeland.

Motto: Besiyata Dishmaya (Aramaic: "With the help of Heaven")

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