PKMN: Pokejinka - Kaimana Picture

Welp, I've found a point in-game where I finally feel comfortable publicly revealing my Sun/Moon Pokejinkas. So here's the leader of Team Mahina (Hawaiian for "moon), Kaimana, my soon-to-be Primarina! Yeah, "soon to be" because he's still a Brionne at this point. I only just beat Olivia.

Anyway, Kaimana's really vain and also a social media addict. He's almost always on his phone, mostly an Instagram-like site. Still, he's a genuinely nice guy, if a bit full of himself. He's especially good with kids, and often helps younger children in his town with swimming lessons. ...While dressed as a mermaid. Hey, there's just something about kids that make them more willing to listen to mythological entities than their real living parents, guardians, and authority figures.

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Primarina © Nintendo/GameFreak
Kaimana © PuppyLuver Studios
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