Apollo, shining god of music Picture

After Saehrímnir, someone a bit more known this time.

The complex Greek god of many things, including music, poetry, prophecy, light, healing,
and later on by absorbing the role of the god Helios, the sun. Apollo was the twin brother
of the goddess Artemis, both children of Zeus with the goddess Leto. Always furious with
her husband's affairs, Hera tried to prevent her from giving birth by forbidding her from
doing so on "terra firma", and kidnapped Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth. Leto eventually
finds the floating island of Delos and is well received by the people, giving birth there to
her two children, Apollo and Artemis, with Artemis, born first, helping her mom give birth
to her brother in the absence of Eileithyia. Hera continued to torment Leto, sending the
dragon Python to kill her in the town of Delphi, but Apollo killed it using a bow and arrows
made for him by Hephaestus, the smiting god. This enraged Gaia, as the dragon was her
son, and Zeus almost condemned him to death if not for the pleas of Leto, who convinced
Zeus to give him a lesser punishment, forcing the god to work as a shepherd for a year.
Hera would still keep trying to kill Leto, sending the giant Tityos to rape her, but he was
killed by the joined forces of Apollo and Artemis. Apollo began his cult as a healing god,
capable of bringing both blessings and plagues with his arrows, but his roles and
associations grew as he became increasingly popular. He became the leader of the Muses,
the goddess of arts, an expeller of evil, and master of the lyre, a musical instrument made
for him by the baby Hermes using the shell and intestines of a turtle.
He was originally designed alongside Artemis, with both contrasting with one
another, Artemis being fluid and wild with cold colors, and Apollo more rigid and
fashionable with hot colors. I've decided to separate them so that their designs
receive more individual attention.

As mentioned, I made him with the idea of a fashionable musician in mind, also mixing
some archer elements. The symbol on the front of his skirt is a Agyieus, an obelisk
used in his worship. The rest I'll leave to your interpretation. Fun, right?

The pose is almost completely ripped off Apollo's portrayal in Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei though...

Hope you liked it! See you guys next time!
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