Humanity's enemy Picture

Some facts about it I have to write down before I forget about it :
-No one knows its real name, every character call it differently.
-It seems to be a mindless beast that always goes on rampage. It's always angry for unknown reasons
-It's Kaduceus' counterpart : wild and misanthropic
- It's female.

I redesigned it a little, with more details taken from my sources of inspiration. It's based on several myths from around the world : Fenrir the giant wolf that will eat the Sun and bring eternal darkness to the world (Nordic mythology), Kali the indian godess of Death, Raiju the Thunder Beast (Japanese folklore) and a little of a Kappa (for the "ugliness", the fins and the back legs of a frog), a chuppacabra (because these things used to terrify me as a child) and the depiction of demons in the Bible.
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