Terra - Fursona Reference Picture

Here's the reference sheet for my fursona. No, I didn't name her after that green wolf thing named Terra. Terra is my real name. It's unique and I like it, so I kept it for my "sona".

I love the mythology behind the sun and moon, so that's why those are on the ankle thing. I also live near the ocean, hence the tides. Golden eagles are my favorite birds. Rammstein is just pure epic, no? So, the infamous R+ symbol is present - but only on more fun/casual forms, not fully feral. The ankle band is always present, however.

I have poor sight in general, but a friend of mine poked me in the left eye with a needle in girl scouts once. lol.

I love extinct animals, so I chose a dire wolf... though my favorite is the sabertooth cat.
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