Flag of Fenrail Picture

This is a flag for a wolven nation populated by my alternate universe version of the Wolf Pack from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV/Comic Book series, rather than making the wolves native american like Archie would have albeit bears had Native American totemic influences as well, they'd be Nordic, much like Fenrir the wolf that bit off Týr's hand and his two sons.

The Sun and Moon on the flag were supposed to represent Hati (Moon) and Skoll (Sun), I also put in a Valknut to indicate the fact it is inspired by the Norse Mythologies and to Norsify the Sonic Wolf Pack as much as i can.

*Sonic and all related belongs to SEGA and Archie*

*Expanded Sonic material, the characters, organizations, fauna, objects, and other concepts belong primarily to Cookie Jar Group (formerly DiC Entertainment), Micheal Teitelbaum (formerly Troll Communications L.L.C.), and Archie Comic Publications, Inc.*
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