The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath Picture

The top row: Randolph Carter, Pickman and some other ghoul, a Shantak-Bird.
Second row: Carter and Nyarlathotep. (As for why the crawling chaos, the soul and messenger of the mindless Other gods is chasing Randy with a broom, erm, mysterious are the ways of the gods?), The High-Priest Not To Be Described
Third row: the moon beasts, the almost-humans of Leng
Fourth row: Zoogs, a Ghast, and a Gog
Bottom row: Nyarlathotep (this time without the broom-of-doom) and a Night-gaunt

Also I tried writing Nyarlathotep's name in hieroglyphics. There is a long explanation to why I ended up with that, I'll probably write my reasoning later. (And why there's a mistake on purpose) The titles above the cartouche read 'perfect god' (which is a royal title) and 'Apep'.
'Apep' being the demon snake of chaos (Thus, a crawling chaos) in ancient Egyptian mythology. (Probably an avatar of Nyarlathotep.)

I could have tried writing something like 'who has the qualities of Apep' or something, but more complicated I try to be more likely it will be just non-sense.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on this stuff, and this is mostly based on the few books I have on the subject. Also, we don't fully know how Ancient Egyptian was pronounced, although since we don't know the exact 'correct' pronounciation of any Mythos names, I guess just about anything would be correct?
The first two signs of the title (nṯr nfr) mean 'perfect god', rest of it means 'Apep'.

As for his name, it would be transliterated as n-i'ḥ-':-ra-ḥtp And something like 'Nahaarahotep' could be close to a 'traditional ' reading.

If you'd want to translate the meaning of the name, the way it's written would mean 'of-great-moongod-sungod-satisfied'. So, perhaps 'He who pleases the sun-god and the moon-god' or something, although names don't necessarily translate like that. However, traditionally, when writing Egyptian names in hieroglyphs, if it has names of gods, they are written first, even if they aren't pronounced first. This is the 'mistake' I included on purpose, the idea being that it sounds normal but that the writing of his name is blasphemous, not giving respect for the Ra especially.

Also one thing about his name in general. Really it's the 'hotep' that makes it sound Egyptian, and that's something that was a common suffix to names. It is often translated to 'satisfied' or 'at peace' or 'at rest', but it also has special meaning relating to sacrificing to the dead. 'Hotep' is written with a sign depicting a sacrificial altar, and has a special meaning in an ancient Egyptian offering formula, a specific ritualistic description that was written in tombs that would let the deceased enjoy the sacrifices in the afterlife. (Which, by the way, is kinda easy to learn since it's so formulaic so learning it is a great way to show off your ability to read hieroglyphs)

In that formula it means 'a sacrifice made by the king', as originally only the king was the one with a direct line to gods and all the offerings would go through him. I think this fits Nyarlathotep in his role as the messenger to the Other gods, and my interpretation is that his name is where that all originally comes from.
(But my ideas of his influence to the Ancient Egyptian history is a whole another subject)
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