Limited Time Halloween Gacha~ OPEN!~ Picture

Halloween is my favorite thing in this world, and It starts as soon as August hits, for me anyways. So I decided to do a sort of Halloween
Gacha thing. It's a bit different than my last one, so I'm a bit more excited with this one, because it should be easier on me so I can pop
these out quicker. o uo

1. Once you get the adopt, it is yours to do what you want with it. o uo
2. Please do not resell for a higher price than what you bought it for. Unless you get extra art over time.
3. If you give away/trade/sell, please note me, so I can follow who gets them.
4. I would LOVE to see any art you make or get of them~
5. Please credit me at least once for the design. o uo;;;
6. Just comment on what capsule you want and I'll reply with the questions I need. o uo
7. If I cant finish your gacha adopt in a certain time or I have lost interest, all points will successfully be returned to you.

Each Gacha Capsule/theme comes with 2 options. One with a theme picked out, meaning you will get an adopt based on that theme and
the other where you get to pick the theme. You will also get to pick a gender for either options, just an fyi.

Option 1 | Theme already chosen | 100
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