Andromeda (Galaxy stitchpunk group) Picture

Okie here's another one! And again, she isn't colored like M.W sorry about that.

(Also i totally forgot to tell you guys, this group, their eyes are sensitive to sun light, and usually like to work in the dark better, they also see better in the dark.)
Name: Andromeda

Mental age: late 20's

Height: same height as 9

Bio/person: Andromeda is the oldest of the group, though she isn't the most decorated as the others she is considered the most beautiful. (If anyone gets the Greek mythology reference you're amazing) She also doesn't have optics with a part that you can tell where she's looking. It's all white, but dispite that, she can still see.
Andromeda is some what strict but mostly protective. The pain she gone through has her worried for her family, so she promised her self she didn't want anything to happen to them so she'd protect them at all cost. She is somewhat okay with new comers or "friends", but she usually tries to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible or scare them enough to see if they'll leave, but if they don't, then she knows that they are worthy for her family. Because if they can deal with her and still want to be around the others, than they've earned the right to be there.
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