ACEO - Raven Brings Light to the World Picture

"When the world was made, it was lit only by starlight. The animals and people all walked in darkness, stumbling as they went, and they cried to be able to see. Raven felt that this was not how People should live, so he flew across the world to find answers.

All the light in the world was kept and jealously guarded by the Old Giant and his young daughter, in the depths of a mountain. The ugly man kept it all in an oilskin bag, and it was more precious to him than anything in the world. Raven came to him, taking the form of a person. “Father,” he said politely, “what can I give you in exchange for some Light?”

And Old Giant laughed. “Nothing, my son, can be enough for even a drop of light.”

Raven knew he could do nothing with words, so he decided upon cunning. He watched the mountain every day, and noticed that sometimes Old Giant would leave to go hunting in the dark, and he would leave his daughter with the Light in her charge. “Guard it with your life, and give it to no man, nor beast!” He would say.

So the moment he left, Raven flew in his natural form into the mountain. The young woman had never seen a raven before and was enamoured, and sought to capture him. Raven let her capture him, and when she got close enough he began to cry out as if in pain. “There is a thorn in my breast.” He said.

“Where?” Asked the daughter, but for all her searching she could not find the thorn.

“Take some Light from the bag,” said Raven, “then you will see.”

The daughter decided that she was giving the Light to no one, and Raven was neither man nor beast but a bird, so she took out the bag and loosened the drawstring. Suddenly Raven jumped up, hale as can be, and swooped down, grabbing the light as it poured from the bag in great wreaths.

Old Giant saw this from his hunting post and ran home immediately, but it was too late. Raven had flown into the sky, body scorched by the burning light, and he cast the bag into the firmament.

And that is how the sun was brought to the world, and how Ravens – originally white as snow, became as black as soot."


ACEO - Watercolours, gold acrylics, inks and coloured pencil on 2.5" x 3.5" illustration board

I am very happy with how this little card turned out! I wish the photo could capture the glistening gold effect better.

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