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"Oh you're missing your wallet? Oh what a shame!"

Basic Information
Name: Diya Masih
Age: 22
Height: 5'10" ft
Species: Witch/SunCrow hybrid
Species Description: The twin's specific subspecies of witch are known for general magic use. Sun crow's are an Asian based mythological creature. Suncrows are known for their light based powers. Suncrows have three forms, their humanoid form (which they can on whim summon their wings), their normal sized crow form, and their true form, which is the size of a large house.

  • Light Manipulation. The ability to wield and manipulate light for a variety of uses such as illusions, and weapons.
  • Shape shifting. The ability to shift into their different forms.

Academic Information
Level: Beginner
  • LIN 103-Introduction to Animal Magics
  • LIN 104-Introduction to Blood Magic
Passed Courses:
Experience: 0 xp

Personal Information
  • Heat
  • Sunshine
  • Being outdoors
  • His sister
  • Flying
  • Pranks
  • Loud noises
  • The cold
  • Staying inside
  • Small spaces
  • Being tied up/bound
  • Diya is incredibly flexible and agile, thus he can be incredibly hard to hit.
  • He is physically very strong, thus making it so he can pack more of a punch into his hits.
  • His ability of flight can enable him to have the ability of air combat and another point of possible escape
  • When he weakens she by default shifts into his small crow form, thus making him weaker.
  • He is incredibly weaker at nighttime or during an eclipse.
  • He is unable to perform magic properly in any form other than his true form, thus making it harder when he is fighting in a space that prevents him from shifting into his true form.
  • To protect his sister
  • To become as powerful as possible
  • The dark.
  • Loosing his sister.

  • Diya is sly and sneaky, and can be incredibly deceiving. He is confident and charismatic. He is rather mellow and calm, often being the voice of reason for his sister. However, when provoked, he can be harsh and cruel.


The twins grew up in a rich household, raised by their loving parents. They had a rather good childhood, getting everything they could ever want. That was, until their house was robbed and their parents wealth and status stripped from them. To this days, neither twin knows what happened. Forced to live on the streets, the twins began stealing to get by, making money on the side by street fighting and gambling. As they grew up, their magic abilities came to life. As they were untrained and unable to repress them, it lead to them having to leave their parents, scared they would expose them and cause harm to them. They traveled around, trying to control their abilities, becoming closer as siblings, to the point they were inseparable. Eventually, as young adults, they received letters inviting them to OtherWorlde Academy, which they happily accepted.

Misc. Information:
  • Fraternal twin to <LINK HERE>
  • Has nyctophobia
Character Relationships
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