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"The sun, its beauty, and its power as one of our greatest sources of energy. Combined with my incredible fascination for the sun and the knowledge of how to apply its power, I am truly amongst the best equipped and powerful of us, sister. Be glad you have me by your side this day. I'll clear the darkness away with the power of the sun, I promise you that." -Sailor Helianthus, Soldier of Sunlight, the Lady Helianthus.

Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors are capable of basing their powers and appearance on virtually any topic or element. Some choose to become elemental Senshi, whilst others prefer to base their Senshi identities and powers on ancient history, mythology, or culture. There are also those Senshi who simply choose to base their identities on their own preferences, becoming highly individualistic Sailor Scouts. But all share the trait of symbolism, for everythihg, from elements to mythology to personal heraldry, are common symbols that reverberate throughout history. Perhaps none is as everlasting as that of the sun, that brilliant star being a symbol of life in countless cultures across the galaxy. For Sailor Helianthus, the sun is something she truly loves.

Adriane Falkner was born on Earth in the U.S. state of California, a state which nowadays is heavily dependent on solar power. As a young girl, the sun became a focus of interest for Adriane, and she studied the bright star using all the books at her disposal, even going to the public library to check out books and holo-slates with detailed information about the sun. After graduating from college with honors, Adriane pursued her career with great stride, becoming a highly capable solar engineer, overseeing several solar farms and arrays in California's Mojave Desert and San Bernardino valleys. Financially secure, a proud mother of two sons, and enjoying her career, Adriane lived a good life until the Star Warriors came again for another recruitment tour on Earth. The Senshi recruiters were impressed with Adriane's knowledge of solar power and the sun in general, as well as with other types of sciences. Combined with the emotions of love and care she showed to others, the recruiters deemed her perfect for joining their order. With Adriane's consent, the recruiters ensured her passage into the order. Solar engineer, mother, scientist, and now Adriane was soon to add Sailor Senshi to her list of titles and specialties.

Like all the other recruits, Adriane underwent the required training needed to become Sailor Senshi. She learned how to fight, tactics and strategies, and furthered her knowledge of the sun, traveling to distant star systems beyond her native Earth to study other suns and similar stars. Within six years her training was complete, and Adriane was fully initiated into the order, adopting the name of the sunflower as her own. She became Sailor Helianthus, named after the sunflower which itself resembles the sun. Under this Senshi identity, Adriane utilizes sun magic and her own innate skills as a solar engineer to harness the power of the sun. Her equipment is an excellent blend of ancient magic and advanced technology, able to harness the intense rays of any sun and channel them as visible light, electricity, or as destructive beams of immense power. A single source of power, and Adriane is able to use it for a wide number of applications, from providing power to nearby towns, to firing potent beams that can destroy even the heaviest armored vehicle, to illuminating darkened areas, to even banishing away demons that cannot stand sunlight. By her expertise and knowledge of the sun, Adriane is one of the Star Warriors' most varied Senshi, able to use her skills and powers in a wide range of roles. She is exactly what the leaders of the Star Warriors are looking for in a Sailor Senshi of the order: kind, loving, compassionate, capable, a warrior, but above all, practical.

Weapons and Items

Sunflower brooch- her Transformation Item, this brooch contains stored amounts of solar energy which Adriane uses to transform into her Senshi identity. With a simple incantation and a special hand signal, her transformation begins, and Sailor Helianthus appears.

The Solar Flower- one of two primary Attack Items she possesses, The Solar Flower is an ingenious work of technology imbued with magic. It is essentially a complex solar array fashioned into the shape of a sunflower, pulsing with energy and light. Mounted onto a wearable brace, the array can store enormous amounts of solar energy that Adriane can use to provide additional power to buildings, greatly light up darkened areas, use as a weapon against numerous foes, or as an oversized battery to power her second Attack Item. Regardless of its use, the Solar Flower is a truly potent device of magical and technological precision.

The Sun Cannon- her second Attack Item, the Sun Cannon is a long-barreled rifle built from special materials made to harness the sun's energy. Outfitted with a miniature solar array shaped like a fan and with numerous crystals that store and direct sunlight, the weapon is capable of firing extremely powerful beams of solar energy at varied levels, from a pinpoint precision beam to a powerful beam that can actually strike targets at low orbit, effectively making the Sun Cannon a ground-based space weapon. In addition, the cannon is capable of wirelessly receiving additional amounts of energy from the Solar Flower, increasing its power tenfold. If necessary, Adriane can dump all of the sunlight stored from the Solar Flower directly to the Sun Cannon, resulting in one single shot that is beyond devastating. Otherwise, when coupled with the Solar Flower, the Sun Cannon has a virtually limitless supply of energy at its disposal, making it one of the most versatile and lethal weapons in the Star Warriors' arsenal.

Wearable HUD system- a HUD system which Adriane wears and is linked to her weapon's targeting system to allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Known attacks

Sun Illumination Dispel- a simple yet effective attack, it releases the stored sunlight from the Solar Flower and showers it onto the area in front of Adriane. Imbued with sun magic, the attack is capable of illuminating even the most darkened areas, as well as blinding foes with overwhelming light. Its deadliest effect, however, is against demons and supernatural entities of dark intent, literally scorching away their otherworldly forms until nothing is left.

Solar Arrow- this attack utilizes the Sun Cannon; it enables the rifle to rapidly fire beams of destructive light as fast as a machine gun, but with lethal power capable of destroying tanks, pulverize buildings, and destroy waves of foes. Whilst the cannon is capable of firing without this magical attack, Solar Arrow allows it to fire three times faster than its normal rate, hence its effective use.

Corona Annihilation Strike- her final attack and the most devastating, it permits Adriane to dump all of the sunlight stored within the Solar Flower directly into the Sun Cannon. The result is a powerful, overcharged beam of light that can strike a target with such force that it literally annihilates said target. The bright beam of the light appears to shine with an aura of golden energy, hence its name. But there is no doubting the sheer overkill that this attack brings. That is why Adriane only reserves this attack for use against extremely powerful enemies, or even to destroy an entire starship with one single shot, since the attack is capable of destroying enemies in low planetary orbit. The only drawback of this attack is that it utterly drains the Solar Flower of all power and leaves the Sun Cannon overheated for some time, so this attack is a one-shot, one-kill type only. It can only be fired once.


Adriane's record of service as Sailor Helianthus of the Star Warriors include the following:

.The Umbra are an alien species that reside in another dimension. They are intensely hostile to other forms of life and are especially a threat to frontier worlds in the Milky Way. An Umbra appears to be a black sphere to the naked eye, but it possesses the capacity to manipulate shadows as weapons. Their primary weakness is intense exposure to light. Beeker's Haven was a frontier world in the northernmost rim of our galaxy; colonized by agrarian settlers, it was attacked by the Umbra and almost destroyed before help arrived. Three Senshi of the Star Warriors came to the aid of the colonists, Adriane among them. Her powers as a Sun-based Senshi, combined with her knowledge of solar energy, proved invaluable in combating the Umbra. Almost all the Umbra killed were exposed by Adriane's solar weapons and powers whilst her two Senshi sisters eliminated many Umbra with sword and gun. The colony on Beeker's World was saved, but with only 12 of the original 234 colonists left alive.

.A vast army known as the Shadow Host (later revealed to be worshippers of Chaos) invaded a heavily-populated world in the coreward systems of the Milky Way, intending to convert its entire populace to their worship. They brought with them unnatural technologies that swallowed virtually all forms of visible light, and they very nearly left the besieged world in perpetual darkness. Nine Senshi of the Star Warriors accompanied the liberation forces sent to fight the Shadow Host. Adriane was present at many of the battles fought between the defenders and the Shadow Host. Her powers of sunlight and the advanced technology she brought proved invaluable in dispelling the consuming darkness of the Host. When not on the frontlines, Adriane oversaw the construction of immense solar arrays and portable generators to give much-needed power and light to civilians as well as providing counter-weapons to the defenders. After a war that lasted three years, the Shadow Host was eradicated to the last man.

.Usris IV was a world in the eastern arm of the Milky Way that possessed few sources of energy. Common electrical facilities could not generate the power required due to intense storms that wracked the planet and overloaded any form of technology used to harness electricity, and geothermal power was out of the question, since the world was tectonically dead. Thus, the only way for the people of Usris IV to get the power they needed was by sunlight. Adriane was the Senshi who oversaw an immense project to build airborne solar farms and ground-based wireless arrays that gathered up vast amounts of sunlight and converted it into usable electricity. Adriane left Usris IV soon after, content that she had helped in establishing a self-sufficient system of energy that would last for centuries to come.

A new Sailor Senshi, based primarily on sunflowers (Helianthus is the common scientific name of a sunflower) and sunlight. I think I did a healthy balance of nature and technology with this artwork. Enjoy.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
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