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Sleipnir, the son of Loki and steed to Odin, is an eight legged horse.
In Norse mythology, he is believed to be the greatest horse, able to run across land, water and air. He was also believed to be a very smooth ride, thus his name means “Smooth” or “Glide” ( I think )

” It all started when Thor, the god of thunder and war, left Asgard to slay giants. While he was away, a frost giant named Hrimthurs came to Asgard disguised as a human stonemason and offered to rebuild the wall around Asgard which had recently fallen. All he asked for in return was the sun, the moon, and Freyja, the beautiful fertility goddess.

The Gods agreed to this arrangement, provided that Hrimthurs could finish in six months, something the Gods believed was impossible. The trickster god Loki, without consulting the other gods, gave Himthrus one tool to use— a gray stallion named Svadilfari, which means either “slave” or “ill fated.”

With the aid of Svadilfari, Himthrus worked very quickly, and it wasn’t long before the Gods realized that he might actually finish in time. When they realized this, they became very afraid, and very furious with Loki. To fix the situation, just as Himthrus was about to replace the last brick of the wall, Loki turned into a beautiful white mare and beckoned Svadilfari to follow her. Himthrus was very angry about this and he began tearing down the wall, however, he was prevented by the return of Thor. When Thor saw Himthrus tearing down the wall, he pulled out his famous Hammer, Mjolnir, and hit the giant over the head.

Later, Loki, still in the shape of the mare, gave birth to an 8-legged foal, Sleipnir. He then offered Sleipnir as a gift to Odin. It is believed that Sleipnir was not only the fastest horse, but that he could be ridden over the sea and through the air by Odin.”
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