Madame White Snake Picture

To celebrate the fact that its the year of the snake- and the water snake to be exact, I've decided to do a deviation of one of China's most famous folklore characters next to Sun Wukong the Monkey King- Madame White Snake.

For those of you who don't know who she is, Madame White Snake, also known as Bai Se zhuan or Bai Suzhen is a female white snake spirit whose story has been told through Chinese opera.

Her tale tells of how she gained immortality, her friendship/sistership with a green snake Xiaoquin and her romance with her a human scholar (though early versions of the tale DID portray her as an evil creature). Her relationship with the human scholar is one of the oldest creaturexhuman romance examples. You can read a summary of her story here:

Now I haven't really seen too many media adaptations of her story (due to the fact I was more likely to tune in to Sun Wukong the Monkey King's adventures), but I do remember seeing a couple of eps when I was younger.

I know that she was able to turn human in the tale, but here I'm trying to bring out the fact she's a snake spirit by giving her humanoid look some snake facial features in my style
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