ICARUS Ref Sheet Picture

Finally some art! Oh wait, it's not mine. C:
Okay so, I bought this cutie from xTerzo because I couldn't resist ;3;
I don't have anything to say to be honest, so *clears throat* without further ado:


Name: Icarus
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid
Sexuality: Pansexual
Description: Due to his naivety, the hybrid Icarus always ignores warnings given by anyone and seems unfazed by what may happen on his way to achieve his objective, often, a shared one, for the sake of his loved ones. He is based on the legendary "Icarus", from the Greek mythology, who, attracted by the glory that was the "sun", he ignored his Father's warning about the dangers of it and approached it, which lead to his death. He is attracted to balloons and all kind of shiny objects. His favourite hobby is watching the stars at night. Icarus's love for astronomy originated when he realized that the pattern of his fur, on his back, reminded him of the stars and that nearly everyone didn't love the moon as much as they loved the sun, making him think of himself. Looking up at the sky also makes him think of his big wish to fly and obtain freedom. He has a secret relationship with his sister.
His grabby hands(fingers) are claws!

Hope you like mah new baby as much as I do!
And eyes open to my next upload, because here it comes Zack's new ref sheet! ;33;

Character designed by xTerzo
And a BIG THANK YOU to my friend SasukeJuniorPower201 for helping me doing his ref sheet! (my ENGRISH sucks) c:
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