MythMod Inner Planets Reshaded Picture

A further continuation of my re-lining and reshading of my old work, this time with [link] . I've also made Venus and Mars' arms a bit longer, and made Venus' right hand (her right) larger. I would have made Mars' hands larger as well, but it sort of fitted in with the whole "old, shrivelled" thing.

I might end up redoing the whole "Happy Families" picture, given I'm three-sevenths of the way there already.

Anyway, yes. For those not familiar with my Mythology Modernised series, it's all about taking the concept of planets as deities and bring the ideas up-to-date with what we now know of the planets courtesy of robot explorers and stuff. Here we have the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars (arranged right to left. No I don't know why I did that either. Oh well).

MERCURY - Communication, Technology, Progress
"Gotta move with the times!"
One of the few planets the ancients got roughly right: the "messenger of the gods" screams around the Sun in just 88 days. Mercury is also constantly changing, with half of it being baked by the Sun and half freezing in the vacuum of space at any given time.

Because of this, I've linked Mercury with speed and change, and hence progress, technology and the like. Silvery for technology and the fact that Mercury is basically a lump of iron, light and dark shades represent both the light/shade nature of Mercury the planet, and the double-edged nature of progress. Mercury wears glasses because her eyes shine a pure, brilliantly blinding white: to give an indication of just how bright, the glasses actually dark shades.

Age is fairly meaningless really, but Mercury is the "youngest" of the planetary goddesses. She is smart, and a bit nerdy and shy - she tends to get bullied quite often by Venus. Although the least powerful of the goddesses currently, she scares the others sometimes because she has the potential to be stronger than them all. She prefers exerting a subtle, cumulative effect on humanity rather than one of raw power.

VENUS - Fire, War, Destruction
"Call me the Goddess of Love and DIE!"
The planet Venus is the victim of a runaway version of the greenhouse effect: the atmosphere is almost entirely carbon dioxide, with the temperature and atmospheric pressure though the roof. Venus also has active volcanoes, and fast-moving clouds of sulphuric acid scuttle through its upper atmosphere. Does that sound like a Goddess of Love to you?

Venus is the second-youngest of the goddesses behind Mercury. Taller and more conventionally powerful than all of the others bar Jupiter, she is a force to be reckoned with, although thankfully she prefers random destruction to actually directing her powers to any specific goal. With a temper so short it's non-existant and a vicious streak an AU long, you seriously do not want to cross her. However, with the appropriate cajolling and control, she can be highly effective.

MARS - Aging, Decay, Time
"Fighting? Well, I'm a bit rusty now..."

As Philip Platt once said, Mars' red is a more rusty colour than bloody, making him think of decay rather than war. Coupled with the fact that the planet is fairly old geologically, this all gives me the impression of Mars as an old lady.

The oldest of the seven (six counting Uranus and Neptune as effectively one entity) goddesses, and like Mercury conventionally underpowered, she also prefers the subtle approach to pushing her agenda. Mars' age has brought her a good deal of wisdom, and she usually serves as Jupiter's deputy despite her lack of power. Long ago, Mars actually did hold the post of goddess of war, but she became tired and eventually gave the job to Venus. In hindsight, this may not have been a smart move.
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