Wild Hunt Hound: Hunt and (Wild) Hind Picture

I'm working on an original breed for the DARPG community. They're based off the cwn dogs of faerie mythology. But there's already a faerie dog with wings and every color under the sun, so these are "Wild Hunt Hounds", because the legend they come from is of the Wild Hunt.

Admittedly, they're not quite dogs. The one on the right is a "Wild" type, which has different anatomy than dogs, which is why gazelle works. The one on the left is the dog hybrid. It was supposed to be a "Hind" type, but it ended up being of another classification I'm considering (I don't know which I will put as standard). The "Hind" is obviously supposed to look more like a deer, the domestic strain appearing like a deer while the wild will look more gazelle or the like. I'm still tweaking their appearance.

Ignore these colors!

Brainstorming Process:
First Thing
Full Color Chart
*Build (Hunt and Wild" Hind)
Standard Colors (Missing Agouti)
Feline Patterns
Mask Extension (Coverage)
Mask Patterns
Mask Colors (Agouti and such…)
First Generation Mask

Some Future Imports

* = "you are here"
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