AGNI : The God of Fire Picture

Agni is a Vedic Deity, mentioned several times in Vedas. He is one of the most important deity of Rigveda. Rigveda often mentions that Agni arises from water or dwells in the water. The Vedic sage says that Agni manifesting in the waters and seated in the lap of the winding waters, flaming upward, increases; and that Agni was born by the prowess of Tvastr (Virat Purush) [Rigveda I.95.9] Hydrogen burns easily and Oxygen is required to inflame the fire. This is the important physiological phenomenon in any living body, which in a natural explanation may have referred to flames from natural gas or oil seepages surfacing through water, or as the seven rays or seven bands of light of a rainbow.

Agni is the eldest son of Brahma. According to Vishnupurana, he was sprung out of the mouth of Virat Purush (Cosmic Man). Surya (Sun) was the eldest son of Aditi, and Rigveda mentions that Sun became visible to all when Agni was born. Without Agni, there was no visibility to the Sun.

Agni is mentioned having two heads, red burning body with seven hands and three legs. He rides on the goat with giant horns called Rama. Agni is the conveyor of sacrifices to the gods. Every rituals of Hinduism is done with Agni, by giving their deed to the gods through Agni. During havans and worships, people say 'svaha' at the end of hymns. Svaha is Agni's wife, and every sacrifice ends with Svaha. Agni and Svaha has three sons:
Pāvaka (purifier), Pāvamāna (purifying) and Śuchi (purity). According to Vayupurana, his three sons stands for different purposes. Pavaka is the electric fire, Pavamana is the fire produced by friction and Suchi is a solar fire. Hence, his sons represent all possible kind of fire, scientifically. One of the 18 Puranas, Agnipurana is dedicated to Agni.

Here, I've created Agni, with two heads and seven heads, arising from the volcano lava, holding spheres of fire in two hands, swords of fire in two other hands and Javelin(Weapon of Agni) in one hand, while his two hands are busy in making a fireball out of lava. His hair is made of fire and his eyes are glowing like fire too.

P.S.: Sorry for that part where fireball and sword seems mixed up, actually there is no other way I could distinguish them. But still, it looks pretty cool, I guess.

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