Caveat Emptor - Universe Class Mass Conveyor Picture

Here is a drawing of the CAVEAT EMPTOR, a very old and peculiar Universe class mass conveyor, the flagship of the excentric Factisse Dynasty.
Said to be dating back to the mythical Dark Age of Mythology, it is said that she was retrieved during the Great Crusade, resored and sent forth to explore and conquer stars in the name of the God Emperor of Mankind.
She is crewed by a clone crew generated inside its very hull, whose fanatical deathcultists members worship He-On-Terra through venerating the CAVEAT plasma drive, said to be an exact downsized copy of Sol, the mythical Sun illuminating holy Terra. Somehow, they all speak French.
12 km long, fast for a ship of her size and class, she is defended by antic batteries of missile launchers in her keel, and a launching bay on each side. Fit for exploration, she is quite a sight, with many secrets to be discovered.her crew and officers must sail waterways and boats to travel all along her corridors.
A forest has grown in a section of her vaults, and there is apparently a little Thornmaw infestation problem in her darkholds.

To give an idea of the scale, the little vessel above is a Sword class Frigate, 1, 6 km long.
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