Poneities Gods/Mascots [Closed Species] Picture

"Poneities are Gods that reside in the skies of Equestria and beyond. Their job is to keep the Balance of Good and Evil, as well as the Dead at peace."

The Mascots/Gods/Goddess:
Inti: The Sun God
Supay: The God of Death
Catequil: The Goddess of Thunder and Lightning
(All are named after the Gods/Goddess of Inca Mythology)

Their Pony Species:
Angel's: Can only be Pegasus or Alicorn
Limbo's: Can only be Earth but on RARE accounts it can be a Unicorn
Devil's: Can only be Alicorn but on RARE accounts have Magic

Cloud Examples:

Small cloud = Poor
Medium cloud = commoner
Large cloud= royalty
-Can come in different shapes
-Clouds can have different functions for their Types, but can change their weather depending of their Mood (eg. Angles can have Stormy Clouds if they're Angry)
-Each has their own cloud (which is actually their body) and the larger the cloud, the older/higher the social status they have

Halo Colors:
Angle's are Gold
Limbo/Ghost's are Bronze
Devil's are Silver

Angels can only be Bright Happy colors
Limbo/Ghost can only be Dull Depressing colors
Devil can only be Dark Evil colors
-All can have their own unique Patterns/Markings

Chest Hearts:
All Poneities must have a red heart on the chest like the Gods/Mascots to match their types


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