Nova Leah Nightingale Picture

Here is Nova Nightingale daughter of my OC Katherine Autumn Nightingale and Brookyln from the show Disney Gargoyles.

Quick note: Light blue side is what Nova looks like during the day. Instead of turning to stone like her father and other members of the clan (Minus her mother and Aunt Kate) Nova becomes a human girl. During the night she turns into a Gargoyle.

And sorry if her wings and tail look awful DX

Better bio time!!

Name: Nova Leah Nightingale

Parents: Brooklyn (Father) Katherine Autumn Nightingale (mother)

Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing like her mother, gliding with her father, spending time with friends and family. Watching the stars, reading about mythology,

Spices: Half human half Gargoyle

Other forms: Gargoyle at night human during the day

Hair: Brown like her mothers

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Red when a gargoyle, human skin tone when human

Just before Sun set Katherine gave live birth(Meaning she wasn't an egg) to a daughter she and her mate Brooklyn named Nova Leah. Nova had her fathers red skin and grey eyes(When I seen the episode City of Stone where the Gargoyes turned human it looked like Brooklyn had grey eyes) but had her mothers brown hair

When sun rise came Katherine was happy to see her daughter didn't turn to stone and was surprised when Nova automatically turned human without the use of magic like Katherine and her sister Kate needed to turn back every night and day.

Like her mother Nova was really shy as a child except around people she knew. When she was with someone she knew Nova was always a ball of energy who could be in another place in a blink of an eye. Sometimes causing trouble other times just singing, reading or talking to someone she knew.

Nova is really close with her cousin Madelyn (Daughter of my OCs Kate and Derek). Madelyn sometimes uses the same magic as her aunt and mother to become a gargoyle so she and her cousin could spend more time together.

there was more but I'm having a brain derp at the moment DX I will add more later and polish this bio if needed

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