Monster Island Expanded: Gorosaurus Picture

Monster Island Expanded


Gorosaurus is one of the most strangth powerful Creatures on Monster island, and in the world, maybe even stronger in muscle strength than Godzilla, He is one of the few Creatures that finds Monster Island his home but can leave if he so chooses, he seems to have taken a liking to this island that symbolizes his ancient home in Jurassic Australia, infact some scientists theorize that gorosaurus or his species os responsible for the Australian God known as the Rainbow Snake, a giant snake that created everything in existence in ausralian mythology, the reason many believe it is because Gorosaurus Scales gleem a slight rainbow in the light of the sun, despice gorosaurusus size, he rarly eats, an adaption made for spending long periods of drouth or famin without needing to eat, when he dpes eat, it is usually saropods or other large bountiful pray.

When in danger a few rare times, he uses a jump kick like a kangaroo, standing on his tail as he kicks his enemy in the chest, breaking bones and sensing him flying, Gorosaurus at one point in time around the 90s actually Was a protector of Monater Island, using his fighting powers and skills to help destroy the alien known as King Ghidorah along with the other most powerful monsters which even to now, still are considered the Protectors of Monster Island.

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