Sagittarius Digimon: Skinfaximon Picture

Long story short, I remade my "horseman".



"Skinfaxi"= Norse Mythology, meaning "Shining mane". Skinfaxi pulled Dagr's (day) chariot across the sky every day and his mane lit up the sky and the earth below.
Level: Perfect/Ultimate
Attribute: Vaccine
Group: Beast Man
Attacks: Shadow Chaser, Luster Strike
Shadow Chaser - Skinfaximon picks his target and fires a target-seeking arrow. The arrow will chase after the chosen target until it hits it. It can pierce through almost anything that manage to get between it and its target.
Skinfaximon can only fire one target-seeking arrow at the time and he cannot fire a new one until the previous one has hit something and stopped moving.
Luster Strike - With his feet glowing, he stomps on the ground and sends a bolt of energy across the surface. It can travel across both floors and walls and will explode upon contact with its target.

Personality: Skinfaximon often tries to pass himself off as noble and prideful, but he is actually very sensitive and will fight anybody under the sun. According to him, no opponent or task is too small or meaningless for him, meaning that the other Sigil Demons often go to him if there is something that has to be done, but they cannot be bothered to do it themselves. Skinfaximon is very easily provoked, especially if any of his capabilities are questioned. Once provoked, he will relieve his anger by destroying everything within his eyesight until the source of his agitation is eradicated.

Trivia: Is said to be the fastest among the Sigil Demons, being capable of running across the sky at incredible speeds as if he had wings.


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