Time for a wake-up call here! I am not going to pull any punches!!!

I photographed a Fin Whale that had washed up on the beach dead in the summer of 2009. Fin Whales are the second largest whale in the world next to a Blue Whale. The cause of death was STARVATION! As rare and beautiful as these creatures are and as big as our oceans are there is not enough food for them thanks to the Stupidity of the human race.

We are still making over 200 species of life forms extinct everyday on this planet. We have trashed the oceans beyond repair. We are still harvesting the rain forest at a rate of 10 football fields per minute. This is only a drop in the bucket compared to the total number of forest area harvested on a global scale.

We have trashed 40 percent of this planets capability to replace oxygen. One car or automobile consumes 850 times more oxygen than a human, meaning that if you drive a car 50 mph for 2 hours that it consumes more oxygen than you do for an entire year.

Oxygen levels are falling below 18%, meaning that if you shrink the planet down to the size of a basket ball that the atmosphere use to be equivalent to the thickness of two sheets of paper. Now it is only 1.5 sheets of paper thick. I wonder what the moronic shit for brains and retarded humans think about global warming when the sun shining through a thinner atmosphere to the point where airline pilots’ are force to wear radiation monitors. Maybe that is just one of the many reason why Geo-engineering processes are used to poison you with aluminum and barium, and why skin cancer rates have gone up 400% in the last 30 years. And let not forget animals in the North Pole suffering from radiation poisoning.

Bees? What Bees? To Bee or not too Bee, you have definitely made your choice!

We are increasing the population of this planet at over 250,000 per day. This is easy to calculate in more ways than one. In a town of a population of 10,000 there are at least one to 3 births per day. Taken 1/10,000 times over how many billions on this planet? Even with natural attritions death rates and war, this is a very conservative figure. The UN and US census bureau were shocked to learn that their predictions, (like all other moronic predictions and prophecies) were far off. We will hit 7 billion this October and10 billion within one more generation. 70% of the world’s population still earns less than $2.00 per day. There is no way in hell to balance out a Global Economy without consuming three more planets.

People are too moronically retarded and will come up with every moronic excuse you can think imaginable. Global warming conferences are nothing more than a battle over resources.

I challenge you to come up with any solution to find balance on this planet where it does not serve a choice few without being trapped in a shit for brains political, social and religious box that people insist on being in, where death and destruction, greed, war and extinction is not the final outcome.

You can release all the technology there is to replace fossil fuels and manufacturing processes that is being purposely restricted and hidden from you for over 50 years, but it is not going to save you or the planet when you will be approaching 10 billion people very soon still requiring too consume the planet at even a faster rate. Renewable resources cannot be produced fast enough and non-renewable resources are running out. How much time do you really think you have left on this planet? Time is running out!

Technology is not the problem. People are the problem. You will find out soon that there are other life forms not only 1,000 times more intelligent than you are, they are 1,000 times more spiritually advanced than you are. They did not get there by being trapped in political, social and religious boxes.

I wonder how many brain dead, retarded, and moronically and mythological retarded humans on this planet are still brainwashed into thinking that we still need fossil fuels? There is no need for cars, or roads, or space shuttle. You now know why the medical industry will not release cures. Could you imagine how fast extinction processes would be if you could live 10 years longer? Too bad there are no signs of intelligent life on this planet?

Too many Barbie and Ken, fashion and glamour smut, absolutely must look and be this way or not accepted by society mentality where these people are too blind to notice anything to do with nature and are more interested in a shopping mall being built than anything.

Don’t believe any of this? Then breed on! We need to speed this extinction process up!

See ya on the beach!

This is only the tip of the iceberg! Watch below.……
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