Orion Picture

Nova (from SUN nuzlocke) looking up at the constellation Orion, which she named her Popplio after. Figured I'd sketch the stars and give a little info behind it.

Orion is known as the hunter constellation of the sky and it's one that can be seen around the world. The three center stars are known as 'Orion's belt'. Three smaller stars ma be seen between the 'belt' and 'legs' of Orion, known as "Orion's Sword". With good weather conditions, you may be able to see 'Orion's Nebula' (it'll look like a swirl of colors forming around Orion). From late fall to late spring, you'll have good visibility of the constellation. Best time to find it is in December. As it is a hunter, you'll find Orion close to the constellations Taurus and Canis Major., his hunting dog.
This constellation has been known since the ancient times and it's origin comes from Greek mythology. Stories behind Orion the Hunter seem to vary from source to source though most seem to agree on certain details. Orion is the son of the sea god, Poseidon. He's described as tall and one of the most handsome men in existence. He was an exceptionally skilled hunter and battler. You'll notice him close to Tauros, chasing the bull across the sky. Orion also chases the Pleiades Sisters constellation as he had fallen in love with them and continues to win their affections to this day. The cause of his death/being sent to the stars conflicts between sources. Some say Scorpio the scorpion killed him (which is why his constellation is at the opposite end of the sky from Scorpio). Some say a would-be lover accidentally shot him with an arrow. Others conclude he was blinded and searches the sky for the star that cures all.

The Orion in my story doesn't have too many parallels with the actual Orion (keep in mind, I just picked galaxy-based names on a whim at the time). But he is son of Poseidon and popplio is a water type, after all. As for his battle skills? You'll have to find out by reading my nuzlocke.
Later I realized with the belt and tales of battling, it'd be a good name for Incineroar too. ^^
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