Navajo Myth: Begochiddy Picture

This is what you might call the "main character" of the Dine Story of Creation from Navajo mythology, and one of the six original beings:

Begochiddy, who was the child of the sun, was both man and woman, and had blue eyes and golden hair.

He/she was also a creator, the sort of "control point" in the story, and was a leader when things went wrong. In my costuming class we discussed "him" as a balance, striving for order in this world. In our assignment, we were told to "cast" both a male and female actor for the part, so I used Paul Bettany and Milla Jovovich...but then I realized that Milla could really pull the part off on her own, so this is her, playing the part of it. Just as a side note, I made "Bego" totally white, in recognition of the spirituality of things like the white buffalo to some Native American tribes. It's not just white...think more like the movie Powder-white.

pencil, watercolor, black ink, and metallic gel pens on sketch paper (no I won't do that again!)
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