Crossroads of the 5 Mystic Paths Picture

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Mythology is complicated. Divine beings act according to different principles. No being is forced to follow any one path, in fact many follow multiple paths. The paths chosen will affect how they continue to exist and co-exist in the universe.

1) Path of Observance - Without emotion, watching all that exists or maybe just a small portion of existence. They amass wisdom and knowledge for the sake of knowing. Amusement for these beings may come for simply observing balance, or witnessing profound change for better or worse. Their lack of action however defines them.

2) Path of Radiance - Divine beings are born with many different superior traits. Whether it be great power, intelligence, wisdom, or beauty, the being shows off these traits to others to be acknowledged. They act not to fulfill a purpose, but to remind others why they are great. They crave attention, respect, admiration, worship or even fear. Occasionally wrath is delivered when followers become forgetful.

3) Path of Order - in the universe there are endless gods, deities and divine beings. They rule everything from the elements of nature such as the sun, moon, earth, and sea to aspects of life such as love, life and death. Whether of great importance such and the changing of seasons or minor such as the carbonation of soda (I'm looking at you Zingane) they exist to control and maintain their domains. They intersect with each other to maintain the order of things or to get things moving, depending of the times and need.

4) Path of Justice - As disorder spreads many being feel the need to right the wrongs of the world. However justice belongs to individuals and is not universal. Their actions are not always kind to all. To protect one party it may be deemed necessary to eliminate another. To protect the people of their country another country is destroyed, to protect the environment humans are smited, to end poverty gifts are given without means to sustain that life. Through action consequence is created, the target of consequence becomes the definition of good and evil.

5) Path of Madness - though not actually the desire to destroy, it is the desire to do something. Action without thought whether simple trickery or great violence leads to interpretation that is generally thought of as evil. These being do not care, they take what they want and do as they please. They love and hate. They only spread disorder and foster fear and resentment. It is only natural that they would be called evil.

Where these paths diverge becomes the essence that separates all beings.

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