Kami Senshi Amaterasu Picture

Introducing the Japanese goddes of the sun: Amaterasu. This is the second in my series of Japanese god/goddess and mythology senshi. Ooh jeez she looks like a demon but I swear her eyes were ment to be orange. DX The bio will be up once I make ALL of the senshi.

Story: They were the first senshi in Japan, but since back in ancient times people were very religious so they saw anything supernatural as god's work. These senshi were seen as gods because they were able to transform and fight the darkness and became a beacon of hope against these strange creatures that threatened their light. These senshi were then turned into gods and reborn again and again to protect the country of the Rising Sun. Through history stories of these legendary people were passed down and turned into a religion worshiped by the people of Japan as their predecessors secretly trained and fought the darkness.

Kami Senshi (c) me Akai-Yuri
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Shinto Religion and Mythology (c) Japan

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